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Gallipott Private Collection

Our Gallipott Private Collection is what we are known for! Using the latest scientific research, we have created a 100% natural haircare line that is effective, harmless to you, customizable to your needs, sustainable to our precious environment, and tremendously beneficial to your hair!

The difference between Gallipott’s Private Collection and the haircare mass-produced by big beauty brand companies is comparable to the difference between taking a bite out of a juicy strawberry and having a strawberry lollipop. The ingredients within our tinctures are collected from all over the world. Wherever a particular herb, oil, or other ingredient thrives within a specific environment is where we collect those ingredients for the additives within your product. This is what makes our products truly unique.

Our products are free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives, and artificial colors. They are also vegan, color safe, and gluten-free. Our fragrances are also kosher. By making small changes in the items we use, the purchases we make, and the way we approach every day, we all really can change our world. We invite you to consult a stylist to prescribe your perfect shampoo and conditioner duo customized to you and your hair’s needs.

Davines Sustainable Beauty

Davines is a family owned company from Parma, Italy known for it’s rich soil that Davines uses today to harvest their own ingredients. Known for their quality craftsmanship, Davines doesn’t stray far from its research-intensive roots. Each product is made from eco-friendly ingredients with an emphasis on scientifically proven effectiveness. Better yet, each Davines product is sustainably packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable materials. Yes, you can reuse Davines containers to store your lunch and they are dishwasher safe! Come see and experience Davines and the luxury inside their hair care and hair color lines.

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The Gallipott Team

Gallipott in the Community

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